Observations are an important part of Deep’s program and our culture. We believe that we all improve and benefit from systematic, inquisitive, and thoughtful observation. This leads to increased situational awareness and performance. You’ll be observed at least twice by the Deep staff. Don’t be nervous; we’re just here to help! We also encourage you to sign up to observe your peers lead their workshops!

Observations are a tool for you, too!

  • Don’t forget to observe some of the other Deep Fellows and to steal something creative and fun to try in your own workshop.
  • Staff observations are great for help/troubleshooting, so please don’t hesitate to ask! If anything feels a bit “off,” a dedicated, informed observer can often help you figure out exactly what is going on that you might not be seeing.
  • If things are going extraordinarily well, or you have a really interesting or exciting workshop planned, and you’d like us to see it, please request an observation!

How do we evaluate and give feedback?

  • We use this observation form as a tool to evaluate workshop quality and effectiveness. Take a look to see what we’ll be measuring.
  • We’ll usually observe passively, meaning that we are your workshop’s unobtrusive guests. We’ll stick around to chat for a few minutes afterwards to give you some feedback.

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