Your First Day

How will I find my kids? My classroom?
Sign in at the front office—a Deep staff member will meet you there. We’ll take you to your workshop and introduce you to your Ed Fellow. The Ed Fellow is Deep’s main point of contact at your school. Ed Fellows ensure you have a classroom where you’ll conduct your workshop, they’ve selected your DeepKids, and they are the first person to find if you run in to any problems. They won’t necessarily be supervising your workshop, but you’ll know where they are located in case anything goes awry.

Who, exactly, is an Ed Fellow?
Ed Fellows (short for Educator Fellows) are teachers—one at each school—who are involved because they believe that what you’re doing at Deep is really important, and they are the stewards and champions of our program at their school.

Is the school expecting me?
Yes. The front office and your Ed Fellow will be expecting you every week.

What should I wear?
Wear your Deep t-shirt to every workshop. This marks you as a safe adult in the kids’ eyes. Also, please use the  school dress policy for teachers as your guidelines. No short-shorts, ripped up Deep t-shirts, etc.

What should we be doing on Week 1?
Each week, you’ll guide your DeepKids towards publication with a specific goal. You can find your weekly workshops here.

What readings should I use for Week 1?
That’s up to you. On the Week 1 page, you’ll find some staff favorites, but those aren’t mandatory. Our biggest suggestion? Bring in variety. Bring your favorite author and a DeepKid piece, a few different genres. Bring something that will inspire your DeepKids to write and get them excited about being published.

What if I bomb?!
No worries! We’ve all done it—and it will only make you better. Also, you probably didn’t bomb as badly as you think you did. We’re a team; your co-fellow is there for support, and so is the staff.  This might be a great opportunity to request a staff observation. Don’t hesitate to contact Megan if you need some reassurance!

What if my kids are crazy?!
Check out this page of The Cure for IDK for helpful hints about keeping an unruly workshop in order while allowing all DeepKids to be engaged and active participants.

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