Writing Fellowship Description


Deep Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides free, fun, and rigorous writing workshops for public school students in Savannah, Georgia. We connect kids with a thriving community of writing mentors—local authors, poets, and journalists—to help them share their stories. We take a deeper approach to literacy by challenging kids to engage with language through creative writing. We help them write with skill, confidence, and courage, and we showcase
each kid’s best work.

Deep’s Writing Fellows are local writers who volunteer with Deep’s Young Author Project to help Savannah’s kids tell their stories with skill and confidence. The Writing Fellows plan and lead eleven writing workshops with an assigned co-Fellow, in an assigned Savannah public middle school. Fellows attend a two-day training session and lesson-planning workshop prior to the start of the program. Eleven 75-minute workshops take place once-per-week, after-school, generally between the hours of 2:30 and 5pm.



  • Attend a two-day training in September (for fall) or January (for spring)
  • Plan with a co-Fellow weekly, for 11 weeks
  • Co-lead a 75-minute workshop weekly, for 11 weeks
  • Comment thoroughly on student writing weekly, for 11 weeks
  • Compile student work at the end of the 11-week series for publication (See publication guidelines on com.)



  • Strong skills in oral and written communication
  • Responsible, reliable, respectful of co-Fellow, arrives on time, takes ownership of workshop
  • An independent, curious, problem-solving attitude
  • A love of reading and writing
  • A time commitment of at least 5 hours weekly



Please review our FAQs, especially the Policies section, on thecureforidk.com. Some key points are highlighted here:

  • Communication: Deep’s primary method of communication is email. Please make it a priority to check your inbox at least once every few days and be responsive.
  • Attendance: Writing Fellows commit to be present for all workshops. This is a commitment to your kids, not just to Deep. If you absolutely must miss a day, contact Deep staff at least one week in advance. It is your responsibility to plan with your co-Fellow to prepare for your absence.
  • Observations: Deep staff members will periodically observe your workshop to evaluate and give supportive feedback. You may request an observation at any time, and are encouraged to observe other workshops, too.
  • Required background checks and drug screening: The Board of Education mandates that all Writing Fellows must pass these free tests in order to volunteer at a SCCPSS school.

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