Revising, Editing, Publishing

How many words/pages/pieces can each DeepKid publish?
Each Deepkid will get space for up to 1000 words (up to 3 full pages in a Deep Book). We’d like each student to publish at least one poem and one prose piece, however there can be exceptions. Excerpts are fine.

How does publishing work?
After Thanksgiving (in the fall semester) and Spring Break (in the spring semester), you’ll have just a few short weeks left with your DeepKids. This is when your kids are in revision mode, you’re in editing mode, and the Deep staff is in publishing mode. At week 8, you should type up your kids’ best work and bring it to the workshop for them to begin heavy revision. During week 9, they’ll continue revising. During week 10, they’ll make final edits, and you will be responsible for typing up those edited copies and submitting their work for publication after your Week 10 workshop. See our publishing guidelines for more details.


How do I get my DeepKids to pick their most unique, vivid, and fearless pieces for publication?
There’s an easy trick to this. Just GUSH over their best work—load it up with comments, give verbal praise, brag on it, maybe reading parts of your favorite pieces aloud to the group—and you’ll find that these are the pieces that they decide to publish. It works every time.

Want more specifics? Here are our Publishing Guidelines.


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